Shave Nation Ultimate Horn Shaving Lather Bowl-Large or Small

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Shave Nation Ultimate Horn Shaving Lather Bowl Now in Large or Small!

Geofatboy had these bowls designed from scratch to be better than all the other horn type bowls for mixing lather!  These polished horn bowls have a flat lip around the top, and fit in the hand perfectly-especially if your hands are a bit wet! That's right, get your hands damp and then grip it from the bottom. It almost sticks to your hand!

  • Swirl your brush easily around for lots of lather!
  • Rolled side lip for scooping lather back down into the bowl
  • Highly Polished-appealing to the eye
  • Hand made from natural material-no two alike

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Large: 5.5in-14cm Across x 2in-5cm High
  • Small: 4.3in-11cm Across x 1.5in-4cm High

*Note: Similar to a badger brush, the bowl may have a slight odor that will dissipate over time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great product

Very well made. I don't have any issues getting a good lather for my shave. I would definitely recommend for someone getting started in straight razer shaving.

Joe S.

The lather bowl feels durable. I'd say it would be great for traveling. Good size, perfect for enough lather for a 'three pass' shave. I'm glad I added to my shaving accoutrements.

George M.
good stuff

Love my Proraso soap sets my beard up and is smooth to use, razor just glides across my face. I lather up and now I know why my dad enjoyed his shave on Sunday morning before he and I went to church. I remember watching him shave on Sundays and with safety razor in hand lathering up and saying "this is the best thing a man can ever do for himself." great job keep up the good work Geo.

Yoav N.
Really nice bowl

The bowl is very light, translucent. It's smooth on the inside, so you have to work the cream a bit. But it looks great and gets the job done.

Josh L.
Small horn lather bowl

I should’ve got the big one but this bowl works great, this is a nice high quality real horn lather bowl.

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