Shave Nation Smooth INDESTRUCTIBOWL Lather Bowl

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Shave Nation Custom INDESTRUCTIBOWL Shave Lather Bowl With "The Lather Spot™️" Fill the bottom depression with cream or soap and swirl your brush over it to produce Über Lather!  This bowl is VIRTUALLY UNBREAKABLE! It may get a scratch or blemish, but you can drop it on the floor or sink top and it will not break! 

It survived Geofatboy's slap-shots and several home run swings from a baseball bat!

These bowls are hand made, no two are exactly alike. Rest assured, they can easily whip up an über lather! The perfect size and shape with an indentation at the bottom for mixing a luscious lather.

  • Unique interior bowl design aids in building a proper thick lather
  • Perfect size eliminates brush-banging against the sides while lathering.
  • Pedestal design allows sure grip from the bottom
  • This bowl will complement your shave and your shave den!
  • This may be the last shaving bowl you'll ever buy!

Approximate Dimensions: 

  • Exterior Height: 3in-76mm
  • Interior Height: 2.25in-57mm
  • Width Across : 5in-127mm
  • Weight: 12oz-340g

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Daniel J.

This is a great item, works great. Shipping, as always was really fast. Most impressive was the packaging, someone has an OCD about wrapping items. Fantastic, my go to store for all my shaving needs

Greg F.

Easy to lather, highly durable, small but mighty 👌 Love it! Great customer service and quick shipping overseas too!

The only shaving bowl you ever need

I had been looking for that elusive shaving lather bowl for so long that i almost gave up the hope. But then i stumbled upon this indestructible bowl and I know I have found the perfect bowl. It is perfect size, has a place on bottom to hold, the dip in the bottom makes it easy to measure shaving cream amount and I am getting the best lather. To top that it has beautiful colors and is indestructible. I am in heaven. Thanks Shaving Nation for your awesome designed shaving bowl.

Dean H.
The indestructible twin

I’ve purchased several shaving bowls from Shave Nation in the past, but found them to be wanting in some way (too deep, too small, too narrow, or too, awkward). The basic Shave Nation shave bowl is just perfect. Right size, right diameter for a good motion for lather, and right shape for gripping. It’s only down side is that it’s fragile. I’ve always been afraid of knocking it off the sink and having it shatter into a million bits nicely mixed with lather and a brush. Well, the Indestructibowl solves that one downside. Otherwise it is indistinguishable from the regular Shave Nation bowl except for its high pitch ring. Sort of a Zen think if you get it ringing.
Drop your old bowl (then clean up) and get the Indestructibowl, It’s great.

Mark Davidson
Indestructibowl Lather Bowl

Great lather bowl works a charm, just the right size.
Great service all the way to Australia.
Thank's Geofatboy

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