Shave Nation DE Razor Key Chain

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Show the World That You are a Double Edge Shaving Fan!
Geofatboy Designed this Keychain to Look Just Like a Standard DE Razor Blade (no sharp edges here)
Made from Stainless Steel for a  Durable Gleaming Finish!
The Sturdy Split Ring will Keep Your Keys Safely Stored.
SHAVENATION.COM is Laser Etched-Inscribed on Each Side of The Blade.
Approximate Dimensions:

  • 2in x 1in x 1/8in 
  • 52mm x 26mm 

Carry Your Keys in Style with this "Cutting Edge" Novelty Keychain!


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bjarne S.
A pleasure to shop at ShaveNation

Great products, efficient delivery. A great experience!

James C.
DE Razor Key Chain

Excellent! Way cooler than I expected! I love it!

Douglas Fletcher
Just in....

As mentioned by R. Shell, this little item is life changing. I ordered this and a new razor a few days ago, and as soon as I opened the package, I was determined to try out the new razor on my head. But when I pulled out the shave nation Keychain, my bald spot filled in! Fortunately, the new razor was up to the task. After a great shave, my phone started ringing. Dick's sporting goods wants me to model their athletic supporters. Thor left a voice mail to tell me I was worthy and invite me out for a beer. The Scarlett Witch started having visions of me. Mike Tyson wants me to be his head of security. I got a letter from the IRS saying I never have to pay taxes again and they owe me money. The general manager at my job decided to retire and named me his replacement. My 3 kids started behaving and cleaned their rooms. And Chuck Norris told me he really admires me.

If you don't buy anything else this year, get one of these while you can!

God bless Shave Nation and America, the home of tall tales!

Life changing

Since getting this keychain, I got promoted at work, I won a raffle for a new car, I lost 15lbs, I finished reading 8 books that I had started five years ago, and I accidentally cured a chronic athete’s foot infection. All hairs on my body stopped growing once I bought this keychain, I think due to pure intimidation. I recommend everyone buy this keychain.

Seriously, it’s a nice solid item and looks cool, even badass. Shave Nation is a great company, they upgraded my shipping for free, they sell literally everything you need for shaving and have hundreds of instructional videos to use the products. Thanks Geo and SN, I’m happy to support this company.

Dear R.
Thank you for putting a giant smile :) on our faces! One of the best SN product reviews we've seen. It does look cool dangling from the ignition of any muscle car!

Arthur A
Cool piece

I received this as part of a gift, I took it to work and now use it for the job site golf cart. Every time someone asks about the giant razor key chain I tell them one, it’s not real and two, it’s a great conversation starter so I can boast about Shave Nation and all the products Geo has informational videos on.
I recommend this as a way to help Geo for all that he’s doing to help us on our shave journey.

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