Fatip Safety Razors

*Please note, we have had some complaints that the finishes on the Fatip razors (especially gold plated razors) have some blemishes and may not be "perfect." This does not affect the shave provided by the razor* These Fatip razors are at a reasonable price point and should not be compared to razors costing much more.

From the Company: Fatip Razors are ambassadors of the “pleasure of shaving” and among the finest examples of superb Italian craftsmanship … the real one, handed down from father to son

Shaving tools, with a distinctive and well balanced design, coupled with the original brass head, Fatip razors guarantee a satisfying and precise wet shave.

Fatip razors are created by the skillful hands of the master craftsmen of Premana
(a small village located above Lake Como renowned for the high level of proficiency in metalworking)

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