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We've heard that some shavers are not happy with the yellow knob on their Merkur Progress Razors! These Gleaming Highly Polished Stainless Steel replacement knobs will beautify and flow uniformly with your Progress razor. The Opgress adjustment knob will enhance and streamline the look of the razor. The knob is manufactured, and tested in Portland, USA by Opus Brushes, they also make the Stainless Steel Stand which is compatible with this razor. (Stand in images for display purposes only, sold separately.) The stand can be used to support other razors as well!

Purchase the knob separately and install it yourself or purchase the Progress razor withe the knob of your choice already installed and ready to go! 

***We now have replacement knobs for the Progress 500 (standard handle) and the Progress 510 (long handle) razors.*** 

The Highly Polished Stainless Steel Stand weighs in at 11oz and will support these razors nicely:

  • Progress #500 Standard Handle 
  • Merkur 34C
  • Merkur 37C
  • Rex Ambassador
  • Rex Envoy

The Merkur Expansion Ring works on the Merkur 34C, 37C, 38C, 39C, and Progress 500, 510, and 570 Razors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Richard R.
Progress with Brass Knob

I purchased a Merkur Progress 500 razor from Shave Nation. I ordered it with the Brass Knob installed. I had some questions regarding the razor and tried to contact customer service several times. Unfortunately, I never got a response. I cannot recommend their customer service.

Hi Richard,
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We responded to your email 4 times and they all bounced back. The email address (from the sender) was incorrect so you never received any of our responses.

James W.

Great product, excellent service. Amazing delivery time (4 days) to UK !
Thanks Geo !

Daniel Mcmillan
Poor quality. Arrived faulty

I took receipt of my progress 500 today with brass knob installed. Although the knob looks to be quality made, it doesn’t work with this razor. You have to press down hard on the head to get the threads to engage and then after a turn the head cap flies off with a loud clunk. Something isn’t right with this. Although postage was quick, I can’t recommend this ‘upgrade’. Thankfully they also included the original knob and it works fine with that. Being in the UK it isn’t worth returning. I’ll stick with my Mergress.

Jonathan F.
Very good

Good quality and very solid.
I ordered it for a Merkhur Progress adjustable razor, but it works really well with my Merkur 34c - extends the handle and gives it some more weight.
Very pleased with the result.

Wesley, G.
Sophistication at its finest!

Vintage class!!

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