12 Inch XL Double Sided Paddle Strop

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If you're looking for the sharpest edge possible, a leather strop is the answer. Nothing provides that final edge better than a leather strop.

This 12" XL Double Sided Paddle Strop is very versatile tool. This strop can be used to refine just about any metal tool. The large usable area accommodates many items in need of sharpening. The 2 sides of leather accept honing compounds of various grades, one of the best being this Green Honing Bar.

Perfect for knives, tools, and straight razors.
Like  a hanging strop, this Paddle Strop is used to put a very fine edge on your blade. Barbers have been using leather razor strops for decades to keep an extremely sharp edge on their straight razors. The razor strop is an essential tool for any barber or anyone needing to keep a straight razor sharp enough to shave with. For putting the final edge on straight razors, tools, and knives use a Paddle Strop. Just think of this strop as your finest stone.

Large Stropping Surface
The leather area on this 12" XL Paddle Strop measures 12" x 3" in size. The total length of the strop is over 16". Due to the large size and width, this strop is ideal for straight razors, tools and knives.

2 Sided Paddle Strop has 1 smooth side and 1 suede side. Both sides are shown in the photos.

Smooth Leather: 
The smooth leather option is a very firm piece of leather. This leather is selected specifically for the smooth side only. If the leather is too hard, it just doesn't work well and doesn't accept the compound well. If the leather is too soft, it doesn't produce as fine of an edge and won't hold up. This leather is more durable than the softer leathers.

The suede side uses the opposite side of the leather (it is technically called the flesh side). This leather is selected for its flesh side properties. The suede leather is a little softer than the smooth leather. The suede leather accepts compound very readily.

  • Easy to use on bench or table top
  • Doesn't flex like a hanging strop
  • Large useable area
  • 2-sided for different compounds
  • Handy leather hanging hook at the end of the handle

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Usable Length: 12in-30cm
  • Width: 3in-76mm
  • Overall Length: 17in-43cm
  • Thickness: .86in-22mm

Made in the USA


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