Med Prep DE Blades 100ct


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Recognized for superior sharpness and quality, Medical Prep Double Edge Prep Razor Blades are produced using the most innovative technology. The highest quality stainless steel is carefully ground and honed, providing added sharpness, edge retention characteristics, and corrosion resistance. These blades are known for being used to prep patients before procedures in medical settings. They provide a fantastic shaving experience! Close, Comfortable, and Smooth!

Accuthrive: The AccuThrive® Double Edge Prep Blades are essential utility blades for the surgical office. Featuring a 3-Facet edge for sharpness. Coated in our proprietary MicroCoat® Enrichment Technology to help the blade maintain a sharp effective edge over multiple uses.

  • Comfort-Coated for super smooth shaves.
  • One of the sharpest blades available
  • Noted for longevity and durability
  • 100 Blades per box
  • Made in USA

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew Reade

Already sent review

Matthew D.
99% as good

I've been using Persona Superblades for about 12 years now, and while I don't think these are exactly the same, they are probably 99% of the way there, so I'll happily accept it as a viable alternative.

Med preps ( gone for good)

I have always enjoyed using the Personna Med Preps, however the first use of the Accuthrive was a bit dissapointing. Not as smooth as the old original Personna and left some irritation. Maybe the other blades will be better . But that would show they are not consistent. Hopefully it was just a one of. Would like to hear others input on the Accuthrive.

Robert F.
Robert K

Excellent and as always Geo service is impeccable


I feel good shaving with made in America products these days with uncertainty in imports due to unrest situations. The blades allowed me to go to a 2 pass with touch up BBS, I use a made in America razor, the REX ENVOY….AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL.

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