Shave Nation WIDE STICK Alum Block & Deodorant 70g

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Try this Crystal Stone Deodorant-Alum Block once and you will never go back to whatever you were using previously! You'll want to get two of these - One for your face and One for your underarms!

Wide Stick Alum Block and Deodorant.
To apply:
After Showering: Remove Plastic Cap-Spin the dial at the bottom to raise the stone-Hold stone under cool water-Shake off excess water-Glide across underarms-Smile, you're protected!

  • Wide Applicator Designed for Comfort and Coverage
  • Odorless
  • Non-yellowing
  • Goes on clear
  • No powdery residue
  • 70g-2.4oz

100% Natural-No Aluminum Clorohydrate

The Most Effective Body Deodorant You Will Use!
Will last many months under normal usage.

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