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NEW! Shave Nation Custom Copper Shaving Lather Bowl with "Lather Lines." Fill the center area with cream or soap and swirl your brush over the 8 Raised Lather Lines to produce Über Lather!  On the side is a depressed button marked SN that is the perfect spot to place your thumb for a secure grip. This bowl is VIRTUALLY UNBREAKABLE! 

These bowls are hand made, no two are exactly alike, actual bowl may vary from picture shown. Handsome 100% Copper with hammered sides for a unique look. Rest assured, they can easily whip up an Über Lather! 

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  • Unique interior bowl design aids in building a proper thick lather
  • Wide width prevents brush-banging against the sides while lathering.
  • 8 Raised Lather Lines create friction for generating mountains of lather quickly
  • Depressed Thumb button for secure grip while lathering 
  • Lather Lines, Thumb button grip, Unbreakable, this may be the last bowl you'll ever buy!

Approximate Dimensions: 

  • Exterior Height: 1.7in-45mm
  • Interior Height: 1.6in-43mm
  • Width Across : 4.9in-125mm
  • Weight: 8oz-226g

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