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We worked closely with a local Chicago Stoneware Artisan to develop and manufacture these bowls which are likely the most beautiful, most functional shaving lather bowls you've ever seen. Each bowl is made completely by hand, then fired and glazed in a kiln. All this takes place in Chicago, IL, USA.  

Fill the bottom depression with cream or soap, then swirl your brush over the Lather Lines and watch how quickly your shaving lather comes to life! 

These bowls are very hefty, weighing in at just about 1 pound. The pedestal mount at the bottom is ideal for grip, and you can place your thumb on the pronounced SHAVE NATION Logo Block for added grip and support. 

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The perfect size and shape with a swirled indentation at the bottom for mixing a luscious lather! 

  • Unique interior bowl shape aids in building a proper thick lather
  • Pedestal design allows sure grip from the bottom
  • Perfect size eliminates brush-banging against the sides while lathering
  • Lather Lines Produce Quick Lather

Dimensions: (approximate)

  • Exterior Height: 3.25in (82mm)
  • Interior Height: 2-1/4in (57mm)
  • Width Across : 4.75in (121mm)
  • Weight 15-16 ounces/425-453 grams
  • USA Imprinted on the bottom

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