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BACK IN STOCK! Shave Nation Custom "BUMPY" INDESTRUCTIBOWL Shave Lather Bowl With "The Lather Spot™️" Fill the bottom depression with cream or soap and swirl your brush over the bumps to produce Über Lather!  This bowl is VIRTUALLY UNBREAKABLE! Now with Raised Lather Generating Bumps inside the bowl to manufacture huge amounts of lather! It can survive Geofatboy's slap-shots and several home run swings from a baseball bat!

These bowls are hand made, no two are exactly alike. Rest assured, they can easily whip up an Über Lather! The perfect size and shape with raised bumps and an indentation at the bottom for mixing a luscious lather.

*Unique interior bowl design aids in building a proper thick lather
*Perfect size eliminates brush-banging against the sides while lathering.
*Pedestal design allows sure grip from the bottom
*Lather Spot, Bumps, and Unbreakable, this may be the last bowl you'll ever buy!

Approximate Dimensions: 

  • Exterior Height: 3in-76mm
  • Interior Height: 2.25in-57mm
  • Width Across : 5in-127mm
  • Weight: 11oz-311g

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Lawrence Weprin
Lather bowl

The best lather bowl I have ever used and I own 10

Pete W.
Shave Nation “bumpy” Indestructibowl

The item is very sturdy and helps make quite a lather.

Wanda P.

just got off the road and love it, everything is great

Effortless lather!

The shipping to have this sent to me in Australia was a little pricey, but I've had my eye on this product for a while and decided to finally get one.
I've only used it once and am very impressed! It really helps generate a lot more lather far quicker and easier than the plain bowl I'd been using before.

Jeff S.
Great Latherer

The indestructibowl makes great lather, quickly. I don’t know what type of ceramic from which it’s made but it feels just like a normal ceramic bowl—albeit one you can drive over with your car. My only quibble is in quality control. After my first shave using a soft, synthetic brush some of the bumps in the bottom of the bowl lost their paint. Doesn’t change the bowl’s effectiveness and it’s not a deal killer. I still love the effectiveness of the bowl. It’s just sort of a bummer that a bowl described as indestructible immediately loses paint during its first use.

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