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These small palm bowls are perfect for building lather on the road! Just the right size to fit in your hand and drops into your Dopp case easily.

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Approximate Size:

  • Height: 1.5in-38mm
  • Across Top: 3.5in-90mm

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
jeffrey karsmiski
palm bowl

only used once and seems a little small for a good lather. but i’m used too a much larger bowl. i’ll have to give some more time and technique. would definitely be great for traveling.

Hi Jeffrey,
Thank you for your positive review.
You are correct, this bowl is smaller since it's designed for travel use. If you desire a larger bowl, you can find them here:

Best ever for travel

I've used a lot of strange cups, bowls and saucers when I travel,none of them with any real success, THATS all changed now i chose the porcelain one ,for better heat retention, easier to hold in hand and going through TSA, no metal setting off alarms, lol , and fits perfectly in my doop kit Thank you Geofatboy., ARNE B.

Phil F.
Better than a face lather

Love it! Was just lathering directly into my hand or on my face and realized that this would provide a superior option. And it did. Plus it's stainless steel so it will last forever as long as I don't misplace it. Love ShaveNation! Long live Geofatboy! Clear those runways!

Benjamin H.
Shave Nation Palm Bowl - Porcelain

This is a good little shaving bowl, my first actually. I originally got it because I thought it would fit in my DOPP bag a bit better (it does but I ended up changing my setup anyways) but I have discovered that having a shaving bowl helps me make a better lather! So that is awesome! I find that recollecting the lather after every 2 or 3 go arounds with the brush helps keep the lather tidy and not spill out.

Also, I have dropped this onto my sink because my fingers were slick. It did not break (made a really loud sound though). Take that for what you may.

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