Boker Thumbhole Shaving Mug


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A midnight-black double-walled porcelain bowl with a thumb hole to make it easy to hold and provides a secure grip. This bowl will whip up an über lather and will also help keep it warm. Beautiful and functional, an elegant addition to your shave den.
  • Black heavy ceramic
  • Convenient thumb hole
  • Secure Grip

To Use: 

  • Press in moist shaving soap or melt (glycerin based) shaving soap into the smooth sided reservoir
  • Load Brush tips in shaving soap
  • Swirl brush vigorously over the other side of the bowl (with raised ridges)  to produce lather
  • Brush lather onto damp skin
  • Rest brush on either side between shaving passes

Crafted by Boker, a family-owned company that has been manufacturing men's grooming products since 1869 in Solingen, Germany.

Made in Germany


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James B.

Does a great job enjoy how it keeps soap and place to lather separate also not huge so it doesn’t take up to much space.

William D.
A great product from Boker

This shaving mug is just all around super. Love the thumb hole, did not melt soap, just cut a cake of Thiers Issard musk in half and threw it in. Works just as well as melting glycerin soap. It looks good too.

It works!

I tried this odd little lather bowl and found it holds heat pretty well when using steaming hot water from a kettle off the stove. I poured water up to the top and plopped my brush into it and after about 3 mins of prep to use my straight, it warmed the brush up very nicely. I used a soap from another container and built a small batch of leather in the ridged side of the bowl and then propped the brush up in the smooth side to rest. The brush was still warm and gave nice heated lather up to about the 15 min mark. The cool thing about this bowl is the styling and size. The thumb hold works well and I have slender hands- fat fingered peeps may have a challenge with that. All in all a good buy but kinda pricey. That’s why only 4 stars.

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