YouTube Safety Razor Travel Set

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YouTube Travel Set Features the following items:
  • Merkur 4-Piece Travel Safety Razor.
  • One Merkur DE Sample Blade
  • 5 Pack of Derby Extra Super Stainless Blades
  • Black Leather Snap-Pouch for Razor
  • 1 Parker Pure Badger Silver Travel Brush (2 shown for display purposes only)
  • Arko Shave Stick (weighs 2.8oz)
  • Shave Nation alum block to soothe and cool the skin post-shave
  • Parker Small Leather Travel Case to store everything safely
Everything you need to stay well groomed on the road!
Free Shipping to the USA on this set.
Your choice of Merkur Open or Closed Comb Travel Safety razor.
Leave a note at checkout which razor you would like.
(If no choice is made closed/flat bar razor will be sent)

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