Wilkinson Sword Butterfly Razor Premium Collection Shaving Set


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Wilkinson-Since 1772. Premium Vintage Kit. The perfect gift for anyone who wants to take care of their looks and beard in the traditional manner.
Set Includes a Twist To Open-Butterfly Classic Safety Razor with a 5-Pack of Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Razor Blades. Wilkinson Classic shaving soap in a jar will protect and hydrate the skin during your shave.
Soft bristle shaving brush ideal for mixing shaving soap and applying luscious lather. 
Triple refinement of the razor blades with chrome, ceramic and PTFE ensure a precision closeness and long life.
These Classic products will change your shaving ritual from boring and tedious to something you will look forward to every day!
Set Includes:
  • Classic Butterfly-TTO Razor
  • 5 Pack Wilkinson Blades
  • Plastic Tub of Shaving Soap
  • Handsome Bristle Shaving Brush

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