Vulfix Progress Badger & Boar Brush


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The Progress Vulfix No. 10 is unique in its combination of badger hair and boar bristle, which makes its texture the perfect level of softness and rigidity. Helps you work your favorite shaving cream or soap into a rich, luxurious lather to vastly improve the quality of your shave.
The handmade, cream colored handle is heavily weighted and allows for easy maneuverability.
Approximate Dimensions:
  • Height:100mm-3.93in
  • Loft:50mm-1.96in
  • Knot:22mm-0.86in

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ben H.
Vulfix 10 is “A 10”!

Daily, five to six days per week for two weeks now and I’m ready to order another one... maybe two more. I’ve been a fan of mixed bristle brushes since I discovered Omega’s Mixed Midget, which has been my favorite brush for a few years. The Vulfix is a close (very close) second to the Midget, and with more break-in time, may be its equal. What the Vulfix lacks in face feel compared to the Midget, it makes up for in handle comfort and overall size. For face lathering with a cream (usually Proraso Sandalwood) this brush is ideal. It also rinses clean easily and dries quickly. And as always, great value and service with Shave Nation!

Great value

I bought this about three months ago and waited to review to see if it held up. It did. I am relatively new to wet shaving so I don't have a lot to compare it with but it feels comfortable. Stiff enough to easily load a hard soap but doesn't feel bristly, just a little scratchy but I like the scratch. As a first shaving brush I believe I made a very good selection

Jimmie Larson
Love this brush

I wanted to see if the mix of badger and boar would compliment each other and be comfortable. It is very good. After a short break in it softened up greatly. I love this brush. It whips up great lather equally well with a soap puck or cream. It is is kind of small but trust me it doesn't really matter. It performs outstandingly. If you're looking for something different try this brush. The price is great also.

Jimmie L.
Great Brush

This is a great brush. A perfect mixture of badger and boar. Just enough scratch to feel good on the skin. I would not recommend if you have overly sensitive skin though. It holds water well and loads cream well also. The only thing is that the handle should be a little bigger. Highly recommended. Geo also ships lighting fast as usual. :)

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