Vielong American Style Horse Hair Shaving Brush Wood Handle


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With a longer stylish comfortable wooden handle, Vielong’s “American Style” Horse Hair Shaving Brush is a unique combination of natural firm hair and soft tips. Vie-Long’s particular blend of compounds and process applied to the tips allows for excellent water retention. White horse hair tips are known to be softer than brown tips since more mane hair is used. Mane hair provides optimal softness while tail hair offers a more firm contact.  This brush will produce copious amounts of lather. 

  • Manufactured by hand
  • Stylish and comfortable large wooden handle
  • All natural unbleached white horse hair (50% mane, 50% tail)
  • Ergonomic handle

In 1940 Vielong, S.L. began as a family business in Spain, specializing in the manufacture of shaving and makeup brushes. Today they combine modern technology and traditional handcrafting that results in prestigious products used locally and internationally.

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Bristle loft: 60mm
  • Handle height: 81mm
  • Overall height: 141mm
  • Handle Width: 28mm

Made in Spain


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