Vielong Brown Horse Professional Shaving Brush, Metal-Wood Handle


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Made from some of the highest quality original horsehair, the Vielong Caballo Marón (Brown Horse) Shaving Brush comes with a stylish and refined wooden handle with knurled metal trimming (for superior grip) that holds the fine long brown bristles that move in unison to create a rich and foamy lather without excessive soap use.

Key Features:

  • The handle and the tufted knot are both longer than typical.
  • Very comfortable ergonomic handle.
  • Permits a more vigorous scrubbing action.
  • Features a beautiful olivewood/knurled chrome handle.
  • Hair mix: 50% mane hair; 50% tail hair.
  • Pure horsehair also allows very good water retention.
  • Overall Length: 117mm Handle Length: 56mm  Loft: 61mm Knot: 21mm.

Manufactured and imported from Valencia, Spain.


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