Tondeo Sifter Ergo Stainless Razor with 10 Blades


$59.99 USD 

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Manufactured in Solingen Germany for over 80 years, Tondeo has been renowned for creative and high quality scissors and razors. The quality of the materials and the processing of the products are convincing in terms of their technology and design, and are specifically crafted to stringent requirements.

The Tondeo Offset Sifter Ergo is especially versatile for cutting and shaving. Has a rational function as big strands of hair can be cut. Ergonomically improved with folding handle and attachable vibration free comb which covers the blade for safety. Includes 10 blades.

  • Metal single-sided folding hair-shaping razor
  • Includes 10 TSS3 Blades when snapped in half = 20 blades
  • TSS3 Blades are honed especially for quality face shaving
  • Ideal for hair-shaping, face and neck shaving
  • Blade is snapped in half and fitted into a "non-slip" plastic sleeve
  • Professional quality

Made in Germany


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