The Goodfellas Smile Shibumi Kamisori Shavette Razor-The Original

The Goodfellas Smile

$29.99 USD 

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The Goodfellas' Smile Shibumi Kamisori Replaceable Blade Shavette Razor

  • Japanese style straight/shavette razor
  • Uses disposable blades
  • Black Teflon coated steel

This up-and-coming artisanal brand is pumping out stylish products with a European flair for the man who loves traditional shaving. The Goodfellas' Smile is located in northern Italy, home to fast cars, high fashion, and phenomenal grooming. Check out this brand with its modern take on traditional sensibilities.

This is a Japanese style "free-hand" razor. As a shavette, it uses 1/2 a DE razor blade that you can change out as frequently as you like. You can use your favorite DE blade split in half or purchase Pre-Split Half Blades Here. The blade holder is made of steel and covered with a black, anti-rust, industrial strength Teflon.

The handle is hand-wrapped in red by an expert craftsman. It provides a firm grip throughout your shave, as well as a stylish covering. The blade remains exposed at all times so exercise caution when handling and storing this razor. The razor does not come with any blades, get blades below.

Double Edge Blades (snap in half)

Get Pre-Split Blades Here


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