"The Favorite" Long Handle 23C Beginners Safety Razor Set

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The Favorite Set Features The Most Popular Safety Razor Made by Merkur!

  • Merkur Long Handle 23C Safety Razor
  • Wood handle Synthetic Bristle Shaving Brush
  • Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream in Large 150g Jar
  • Shave Nation Alum Block to cool and seal skin after shaving
  • One blade each: Astra, Derby, Feather, Gillette, Shark 
  • Shaving Cream may differ from image shown

Geofatboy's AGGGRESSION RATING™ FOR THE 23C IS (5) ON A SCALE OF 1-10 with 10 Being the most aggressive. *Note: DE Blade used with the razor can increase or decrease the aggressiveness of the shave. YMMV (your mileage may vary)

These items will set you on the Proper Path to a Baby Smooth Safety Razor Shave!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Mike L.
I enjoy shaving now

I used cheap auto shavers and the 5 blade throw aways at times let the beard grow just dreaded doing it found Mr. Geofatboy on youtube watched a bunch of videos and found the site bought the starter kit cant wait for the next shave and espcially saving money vs the cartride disposable razers thank you


Best shaving items and very informative about using every item. Thank you

David D.
Ideal selection of items needed to shave with a safety razor

I decided to purchase this set after watching the videos on YouTube. Extremely pleased with the set which was exactly what I needed to start shaving with a safety razor.

DO1-4058 B.
Excelent Service and Excelent Products!"!!

This is my first safety razor set, I have always used electric shavers or the disposable ones, after seeing the YouTube videos, I just knew I had to try this, since I have very sensitive skin. I'm very glad to say that the Merkur 23C is a perfect fit for me, it preforms even better than what expected, the shaving soap/cream is "delicious", when I first tried it with the brush, I knew right away that the product from the supermarket is a gooey trash mess, and don't get me started with the aloe bar for the after shave, it just works in all kinds of way. Now I shave and feel really clean and well groomed, I may take 10 minutes with it or a little more, but it's like my zen time, my personal spa, it just works!!! Oh, and the service, the product got dispatched immediately, I got it in my hands before I knew it, made the mistake at the same time of buying another safety razor because of a promo code the same day, and that one took almost 2 weeks to get here and the presentation and dedication to the package was not the same. Geo, keep up the good work and service, I will keep buying from Shave Nation, especially since I want to try other types of creams and aftershaves. I'm hooked!

Glen a.k.a "The Director" Fongemie
Another Person Turned

I purchased this as a gift for a great neighbor of mine from northern Maine. This is the type of neighbor that would bend over backwards for you. We were having a conversation one day about shaving and he told me that awhile ago he was using one of those multi-blade cartridge razors and then because of cost went to those disposable type razors. That's all that I needed to hear, so I picked this up for him and I just spoke to him today and he loves it!! Thanks Geo as I remember your You-Tube video regarding the multi-blade razors vs. Safety and straight razors. This is a great gift idea to introduce people into double edge razor shaving.

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