Suavecito Matte Hair Pomade


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Matte Pomade is formulated to give you a great medium hold with a healthy matte finish. This product will go on super smooth, without the hair tugging of other products. This will allow you to focus instead on the styling aspect of your routine as opposed to trying to evenly distribute hair product throughout the hair. Once you have it in, it's going to stay in, with some great holding power to boot!  When you want it out, simply wash out with water. Nice and Easy!

This pomade has the original Suavecito fragrance that we all know and love.

  • Medium hold lasts throughout the day
  • Healthy matte finish - no shine
  • Rinses out with water 
  • Great for all hairstyles

To Use: Scoop out a quarter sized amount and rub it between your hands to warm product up. Apply to hair and ensure even distribution, work product from root to tip to build a strong foundation. Work in with comb for best results and style as desired.

Product will wash out completely using just water.

Sturdy 4oz/113g jar with screw cap.

Made in USA


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