Suavecito Body Powder with Aloe Vera


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Guard against the dangers of excess moisture and enjoy the comfort all day long!

Suavecito’s Body Powder with Aloe Vera is formulated to give you ultimate protection and the highest level of comfort. Contains Aloe Vera to help hydrate skin. Scented with the popular and original Suavecito fragrance, this fine powder absorbs excess moisture while it soothes and cools skin. This formula is great for guarding against chafing and rubbing! It also doubles as an Anti-Friction powder. Trust Suavecito Pomade to provide you with a high quality talc that will work hard to improve your day!

Directions: Apply freely where perspiration and skin friction are likely to occur.

  • Provides long lasting comfort and protection
  • Scented with the popular original Suavecito fragrance
  • Aloe Vera infused to provide hydration
  • Eliminates chafing and rubbing
  • Sturdy 9oz/255g bottle with flip cap.

Proudly made in the United States.

Made in USA


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