Suavecito Badger Brush Ivory Resin Handle


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Treat your face and pamper your skin with this premium badger shave brush. Basically the luxury car of shaving brushes, our brush is made with high quality badger hair. These hairs are going to feel great against your skin and do a great job of preparing your beard for a shave. The brush is stiff enough to work up an incredibly rich lather with any shaving cream and soft enough when against your skin. Give yourself a great comfortable shave today because you deserve it.  

Directions: Whip up a rich lather in a mug, bowl, or in your hand if you do not have a shaving vessel. Brush onto face in circular motion. Shave. Rinse with cold water and drip dry upside down.

  • High quality badger hair
  • Ensures a smooth and comfortable shave every time
  • Resin handle is made to withstand the toughest shaves
  • 20 mm knot size

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