"BLACKOUT" Straight Razor Set

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The BLACKOUT Set will get you started in style on your straight shave journey!
  • Shave Nation-Boker King Cutter 5/8 Straight Razor from Solingen, Germany
  • Shave Nation 3 inch Black Strop-one linen side one, smooth leather side

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Douglas W.
Great kit

Used straight out of the box. Every item is top quality. And yes Boker is still making top quality products.

C Jenks
Overall a great buy

This is my second razor and strop, the first one from Save Nation.
I love this strop. It is thicker and longer than the last one I had. I don't have to do the Y strokes with it to strop the blade.

The razor was a little smaller than I was expecting. My first one has a broader face between the edge and the spine. However, this one is easier to get into places like under my nose. The blade also felt a little flimsier than my old razor, but I got a better shave. I think the flimsiness is from the blade being smaller than my old one; I'm sure if I measured the thickness of the face, it would be thinner than the old no-name razor I learned on.

The razor did have one problem; the pivot pin is a bit loose. I think it's an individual razor issue and not with the king cutter overall. It makes it a little harder to wield and strop, but a quick trip to the workbench with a ballpine hammer should fix that.

Overall I'm happy with this purchase.

Ken B.
Blackout Straight Razor Set

Being new to straight razor shaving, this is a great set for beginners. Be sure to pick up the chromium oxide bar as well for the linen strop.It definitely makes a difference.

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