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Stirling Soap Company

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Stirling Soap Company is a small veteran owned small batch artisan soap maker located in the USA. The majority of their soaps are 100% natural and suitable for everyone. The jars are large enough to swirl your brush directly and then face lather or go into a bowl to generate more copious amounts of lather. The scents are fantastic and will surely put a smile on your face and and provide excellent slickness and cushion for your blade to glide over! An excellent improvement to your overall shaving experience! Choose your scent from the dropdown menu.

Ingredients: Beef tallow, stearic acid, distilled water, castor oil, potassium hydroxide, vegetable glycerin, fragrance oil, almond oil, shea butter, coconut milk, lanolin, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate.

  • Sturdy Plastic Jar with Screw Cap
  • 5.8oz-164g
  • Made in USA

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