Simpsons Wee Scott Brush Best


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Simpsons Wee Scott Best Badger Shaving Brush
An excellent and very popular small shaving brush.
Handmade by Simpsons, on the Isle of Man, England
The knot is very densely packed by hand with Simpsons Best badger hair.

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Overall height: 67mm
  • Handle height: 31mm
  • Loft: 36mm
  • Knot size: 14mm
  • Dimensions are approximate as each brush is hand made

Handmade on the Isle of Man England

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lawrence Stanfield
Fantastic at home and travels well

I bought this brush because I could put it in a pill bottle and toss it in a wash bag. But I frequently use it at home. You can soak it ,put a spot of cream on it and go straight to your face. But I usually work up a great lather on top of a puck of soap,and paint my face with the mounds of lather.

Bruce D.
Small but Mighty

I checked the measurements before ordering, so I wasn't surprised at the size on receipt. The Wee Scot performs like a precision instrument in applying lather to face. It holds an acceptable amount of water and lather for its size and provides the right amount 'scrub' feel on my face (face lathering). I can hold onto the brush fine, but the smaller size handle caused minor cramping in my hand. Hopefully this is temporary. I did have to shim up a brush stand opening as the WeeScot fell thru all my exist brush stand holders and is too large to fit in the razor holder openings. For me, this brush is not a gimmick or a novelty. I like its minimalist design and other than limitations based on size (water, soap loads in brush), it functions as well as a larger brush.

Peter Neiner
A VERY cool thing for one's kit!

Recently bought a private locker at the gym so I didn't need to haul around so much stuff. Since my gym dopp kit doubles as my weekend travel dopp kit, I figured I'd put together a new one (travel that is) to keep on the ready. Well, I decided to splash out a little and get some cool, classy, and elegant items because... HEY, why not! The Wee Scott is just that..COOL, CLASSY & ELEGANT

Fantastic badger

I gotta say; this brush has the highest quality badger of any of my other brushes.

James H.
Simpson = Quality

Great travel brush. Makes a great lather, but know going in it’s tiny. If you want small, there’s no better choice.

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