Simpsons Polo PL8 Brush Best


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The most popular of the larger Simpsons the Polo is tall, elegant, and heavy handled with a very densely packed knot.
The beautiful, traditional British handle has a middle ridge for a sure, comfortable Palm fit grip.
The faux ivory handle is hand-turned on a lathe and then smoothed and polished by hand.
The knot is very densely packed by hand with Simpsons outstanding BEST grade of badger.
Costly, maybe, but built for a lifetime of luxurious shaving by the shaver who will settle for nothing but the best.

Approximate Dimensions:
  • Handle Color: Faux Ivory
  • Ht:116 mm 
  • Loft: 50 mm 
  • Base: 66 mm
  • Knot: 25 mm
  • Hair: Simpsons Best Badger
* Dimensions are approximate as each brush is hand made*
Hand-Crafted on the Isle of Man England.

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