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Simpsons Polo PL10 Best Badger Hair Shaving Brush in Imitation Ivory

Simpsons Polo PL10 Best Badger Hair Shaving Brush is world famous for its superior quality and for being entirely handmade in England.
Simpsons shaving brushes are thought by its many to be the very best in the world.
The Simpson Polo PL10 is a big boy standing 125 mm / 5 inches high, it looks and acts like a big brush should - lathering cream or soap is an simple task with the Simpson Polo.
A great gift for yourself or that someone special in your life.

Packed full of Best Badger Hair, this brush will provide many years of faithful service as well as going a long way to helping you achieve the perfect shave.
The high quality best badger hair that Simpsons uses for the Polo PL10 is slightly stiffer than most meaning that its great for exfoliating and especially good with shaving soap.

Simpsons have been making handmade shaving brushes in England since 1919, they fully deserve their reputation as the worlds premier shaving brush manufacturers.

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Bristle Diameter: 55 mm
  • Bristle Length:60 mm
  • Total Length:125 mm
  • Knot Diameter:27 mm
  • Handle Diameter:44 mm

*Dimensions are approximate as each brush is hand made*

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