Simpsons Major Best Travel Brush


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If you're into gadgets, you'll love this brush! It features a uniquely engineered storage system which allows the brush to breathe and dry properly. The brush screws and unscrews firmly into its housing for safe, secure, upright storage. Great for travel, but of course it can be used at home as well.

  • Color: Faux Ivory
  • Closed Length: 88mm
  • Total Height: 118mm
  • Bristle Loft: 40mm
  • Knot Diameter: 18mm
  • Hair: Simpson Best Badger

Made in Great Britain



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anatoly K.
Thank you!

I’m very happy with this item!!!

Charles H.
1st time buyer

fast shipping and great product

James Z.
The Jury is Still Out.....

I own a number of Simpson brushes and love them all. I haven't traveled as of yet so have not used it . I like the design and am hopeful it will meet Simpson's standards of quality.

Quality isn’t cheap,

I purchased this fine travel shave brush in London a few years ago before I knew about the amazing Shave Nation. Simpson brushes are one hundred percent hand made in England. These brushes are not a handful of hairs from a bin, stuck in a small vessel with glue. No way, no how. These fine Simpson brushes are made the same way they were in the early twentieth century, made by hand by skilled craftsmen. The Simpson shave brushes are not inexpensive, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. My grandfather was a master craftsman and he told me when I was a wee lad, “ buy the best tools for the job, you’ll never be sorry.”
The Simpson Major is a handy travel brush thats not to small, and not to large either, it’s just right for traveling. The brush handle screws into the sleeve to hide the brush when traveling. Same great quality as the larger brushes. Doesn’t your face deserve the best?

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