Simpsons Emperor E1 Brush Super


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Simpsons Emperor E1 Super Badger Shaving Brush
The Emperor has an extra long, unique handle which is as comfortable to use as it is attractive.
The hand tied knot is filled with extra dense Simpson Super 3-Band badger hair.
Color: Faux Ivory
Approximate Dimensions:
  • Total Height:99m
  • Bristle Loft:45mm
  • Knot Diameter:18mm
  • Hair: Simpson Super 3-Band Badger
Handmade by Simpsons, on the Isle of Man, England

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Robert C.
E1Super Emperor

The reason for only four stars is actually my fault due to my lack of knowledge on the sizes of the brushes. I did not realize how small an E one would be, but the brush lathers and spreads shaving cream very well, I just wish I had gotten at least an E2 or saved my money a little longer and bought the E3.

Bobby Claiborne, RETIRED

Jason O.
Pure Badger...Pure Joy!

Great brush for a great price...

Awesome Brush!

You might think it is too small, but your wrong! I started off with a cheap pure badger brush I got in a kit. After while I thought there has to be something better, so I got this and it changed my world. The brush is more then enough to lather off a puck, and works great in a bowl. I use mine in combination with my Crown King Scuttle. Its actually perfect size for it. Its a workhorse! Not floppy, nice handle and feels great against your skin:) Next day its ready for another shave if I need it. You can't beat the price! Many people look straight at the Chubby series. You can get a excellent super badger hair brush for just over $100. Thats a great deal if you ask me. I highly recommend it as your first good brush, but it would be great for anyone. I use mine at the gym as I don't want a +$200 brush in my locker or do I have the room for a giant one too.

Simpsons Emperor E1 Super Badger Brush

Great smaller size brush. You can't go wrong with a Simpsons. Very pleased with the performance of this brush with both my soaps and creams.

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