Shave Nation Finest Badger Brush with Polished Resin Handle

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*Now In Standard and XL Handle Size!* These brushes are as as beautiful as they are functional. Seen in many of Geofatboy's videos and now available to you here. The brush knot is finest badger with a shorter loft which provides a good backbone and feels soft on the skin. It does not splay out like many other shaving brushes. This coupled with the water retention quality of the badger hair allows you to build mountains of lather quickly and easily!

The handles are a durable resin material that is highly polished. Hand turned, polished, and assembled in the USA. Choose the handle color that appeals most to your eye and you will be delighted every morning as you lather up to shave!

Approximate Dimensions:

Standard Handle:

  • Brush Knot: 24mm
  • Brush Height: 50mm
  • Handle Height: 50mm
  • Overall Height: 100mm

XL Handle:

  • Brush Knot: 24mm
  • Brush Height: 50mm
  • Handle Height: 65mm
  • Overall Height: 115mm

Handle is Turned, Polished, and Assembled in the USA

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