Shave Nation Budget Shaving Set

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$19.99 USD 

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This budget starter set will get you up and shaving right away and your wallet won't even feel it!

Includes one each of the following:

  • Chrome plated butterfly safety razor
  • Synthetic shaving brush with wood handle
  • Small puck of Colonel Conk Bay Rum shaving soap
  • 5 Pack of Shark Super Chrome blades

To use:

  • Spin the bottom of the razor handle to the left to open the head
  • Carefully load the blade into the razor
  • Spin the bottom of the razor handle to the right to close the razor head
  • Soak the brush in water and give it a few good shakes
  • Swirl the brush in the shaving soap-load up the tips with lather
  • Apply lather to warm wet face with brush
  • Get your shave on! (watch Geofatboy's videos to see how it's done)


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