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Shave Nation Alum Block 
Handy 80g size-Great for travel or home use.
Formulated from naturally occurring alum deposits
Suitable for all skin-types
Excellent Post-shave Healer, Facial Skin Toner, Natural Deodorant and a handy Antiseptic Tool
  • 80g size (approximate weight)
  • Block is sealed in plastic wrap inside of outer carton 
  • Great Value!

An excellent finish to your shave.
Block should last up to a year with normal usage.
Store alum in its carton after use/do not store on stone or marble counter top.


Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Mark R.
Nice alum block.

Nice alum block at a great price, thanks Shave Nation!

Michael C.
Will purchase again.

I have really put off using alum for too long. This is a great product and small nicks and weepers are a thing of the past.

Arthur A.
It works

The Alum works, I can feel my skin tighten after washing it off with cold water.
it came in a cardboard box that I use to store it back into after drying it off first.

Joseph M.
Rectangular block of Alum

It's a refreshing feeling to wet your face and use the block. It gives you feedback on where you may have gone too close or shaved dry. Hours later my skin feels good. Closes weepers and pores nicely.
Could use some sort of application handle

Nathan S.
Quick Delivery Excellent Products

Shave Nation is my go to shop for all my shopping needs. I ordered the Lea Soap, Wilknson sword razor blades, Shave nation alum block and the clubman aftershave so far have had a wonderful shave thanks to these quality products. If you are looking for a shop to supply all your shaving needs look no further.

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