Shark Super Chrome DE Blades 100ct Sleeve

Shark Blades

$14.99 USD 

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Shark Super Chrome Safety Razor blades, for a Smooth and Comfortable Shave.
Individual paper packets of 5 as shown.
Will fit all modern double-edge safety razors: Dreadnought, Edwin Jagger, Feather, Muehle, Parker, Weishi etc..
  • 20 packs of 5 blades per sleeve
  • 100 Blades Total
  • Made in Egypt


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Gary T.
Good everyday blade

I like the Shark blades

Good all around blades

These are my go to blades for an effortless shave in most of my razors. When I want to live dangerously, I use the Feather blades.

Great blades

These have been great blades for me to use in my daily shaving routine. I use them in my Edwin Jagger DE89 with no issues. I'm still perfecting my technique, but these blades didn't give me any skin irritation issues on my neck like other brands in a sampler pack that I tried, but like everyone says YMMV.

Brian H.
Very happy

Overall these are great blades for the price. I use them in my Parker shavette and my old gelette razors.

Ryan M.
Shark Super Chrome

These blades are somewhere in the middle of the road and would probably be a 3 to 4 star blade, however, I knew what I was looking to get out of them and they therefor completely meet my expectations. I find them to be great for average blades. I have medium to thin beard growth. They are sharp enough to slice cleanly but still smooth for sensitive skin. I use them in a 34C and this 100 pack will no doubt last me a year since I don't shave every day and I get several shaves from a blade. Purchase was straight forward and exactly what I was told to expect. Although I didn't actually interact with anyone I can tell they have great customer service. I was delighted by a simple written quot,thank you (name)quot, on my receipt in the box. It was such a little thing but it made my day. I will be a repeat customer for that reason and because the price on these was one of the lower ones I found. Found this site through their YouTube channel.

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