Seki Stainless Black Pointed Tip Tweezers

Seki Edge

$23.99 USD 

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One of three pointed tip tweezers in the Seki Edge line, this tweezers has a sleek black matte finish and hand-finished, individually sharpened tips that are aligned to ensure the most accurate tweezing of the finest hairs.
These tweezers have a strong grip of the hair while exerting less effort from your hands.
This is a Seki Edge classic made of stainless steel for durability with Japanese quality meshed into one tweezers.
Precise and sharp, it accurately tweezes fine hairs for flawless, hairless skin.
It can also be used to extract splinters.
No Seki Edge tweezers gets by without being individually honed by a master Japanese craftsmen for superb quality control.
If you want tweezers that last years rather than days, then this tweezers is for you.

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