Replacement Injector for Parker Adjustable Razor-20 Blades

Parker Safety Razor

$12.00 USD 

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Parker's injector razor blades provide smooth and comfortable shaves. These hard to find blades fit all new and vintage injector razors that accept standard injector blades. 

  • 1 Injector with 20 Blades
  • These blades fit other Injector razors by Schick, Gem, Supply, PAL, etc.
  • Blades are polymer coated for smoothness and longevity
  • Made in the U.S.A. 

Get the New Version 2 Parker Adjustable Injector Razor Here:


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lawrence D.
A pleasure to purchase from Shave Nation!

I'm very pleased with the Parker adjustable razor, its exactly what I wanted. Excellent for my needs. Ordering from Shave Nation was as simple as could be, I'll be back!

Good blades for 1950s Type G Schick injector

I recently purchased a 1950’s Schick Injector type G safety razor for $10 at a local antique shop. I needed some blades so purchased the Parker injector blades, some new made-in-China (MIC) Schick, and some Ted Pella Inc. blades from another vendor. It turns out that the Parker and Ted Pella Inc. blades appear to be the exact same blades for the same price with different labels on their boxes. They both have white plastic containers with metal injector slides, identical patent numbers on the plastic container, identical white cardboard boxes with different labels, and the same price (20 blades for $12). I compared the Ted Pella to the Schick blades, assuming the Pella and Parker blades are identical. The Parker/Pella blades are somewhat cheaper than the Schick blades (21 blades for $17 from Amazon). Based on a limited number of shaves with one blade of each, I think somewhat Parker/Pella blades are slightly sharper than the MIC Schick blades, but the Schick blades worked well, too. While the Parker/Pella plastic and metal injector mechanism works fine, the Schick’s metal container and container seems nicer. I cannot comment on the longevity of Parker/Pella as compared to the Schick blades. With 61 blades, I’m well set for a while.

Bob Morton
Pleasantly Surprised

The Parker 2 Adjustable razor is excellent. It gives a very close shave. I also like the adjustable settings it comes with. I would highly recommend this razor for beginners and experienced shavers.

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