Parker Stainless Premium Platinum DE Blades 100ct

Parker Safety Razor

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Parker Blades are honed to precise specifications before the edges are plated with a Platinum-Tungsten-Chromium Polymer. 

These blades are precisely honed on German made machinery. Only Swedish Steel manufactured by Sandvik, Sweden's premier steel manufacturer is used. A special Polymer plating process results in a premium razor blade that provides extremely smooth and comfortable shaves. It is an outstanding blade in all brands of safety razors.

  • Outstanding smoothness, comfort and longevity
  • A great performer in all brands of Double Edge Safety Razors
  • Handy storage slot on the back of the blade pack to store used blades
  • 20 packs of 5 blades per sleeve
  • 100 Blades Total
  • Made in Turkey
Will fit all modern double-edge safety razors: Dreadnought, Edwin Jagger, Feather, iKON, Muehle, Parker, Weishi etc.


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