Parker Silvertip Brush Olivewood

Parker Safety Razor

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Parker Olivewood & Chrome Premium Silvertip Badger Brush & Stand
Pure Silver Tip Bristles (The Best Available)
Brush is Handmade for outstanding quality!
100% Silver Tip Badger Bristles
Easily Creates a Rich lather with your favorite shaving cream or soap
Incredibly high bristle density ensures fabulous water retention
Includes Lucite Stand for proper hanging of brush in recommended drying position.
*Handmade for outstanding quality!
*100% Silvertip Badger Bristles - the best available!
*Generates a Fablulous lather with your favorite shave soap or cream!
*Incredibly high bristle density ensures fabulous water retention!
*Comes with a plastic brush/drip stand to ensure propper brush drying and storage!

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