Parker Silvertip Brush Ebony

Parker Safety Razor

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Parker Premium Silver Tip Badger Brush with Black Handle.
Handmade using Genuine Silvertip Badger Bristles.
Generates a rich luxurious lather when used with a quality shave soap or cream. Protective Silver Ring Where Handle Meets Bristles for Added Protection When Placed in Stand.
Includes Lucite Stand for proper hanging of brush in recommended drying position.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Louis N.
About the same as Wal-Mart kit brush

A good brush but for it being a silver tip pricy it's comfort and performance were very close to the van der whatever kit I got at walmart...

Julio F.
Excellence is the key word

Geo your company spoils it's customers with your fast and flawless service and products. Yoj are 5 stars.

Jim Tarchis
Great Brush

I've been wet shaving since June. Cobbled together an outfit from my local drug stores. Last week I decided to up my game and invest in some quality equipment. So I called ShaveNation and two days after ordering my gear arrived. A Parker 99R razor and a Parker Silvertip Brush w/ebony handle. Also 5pks of some different DE blades. The brush was fantastic. Thirty seconds after I started to swirl the brush in the bowl with shaving cream, I had peaks of lather on the brush! The brush felt so smooth ,on my face. Shaving used to be something that had to be done. Now it's something I look forward to everyday. Thanks Geo for some great videos and a great website. I'll be ordering again.

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