Parker Boar Brush Blue Wood Handle

Parker Safety Razor

$17.99 USD 

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If you like a stiff brush, this is the brush for you. Boar is the stiffest of all the bristles used in shave brushes. Excellent with hard shaving soaps!

  • A great brush for exfoliating -- boar bristles are naturally stiff
  • 20 mm Brush Knot
  • Incredible value and quality at an affordable price
  • A shaving brush is a must for a great shave with your favorite shaving soap or cream
  • Comes with a free acrylic shaving brush stand for proper brush drying and storage
  • Packaged in a gift box


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews


David W.
Good product

It does the job. My first boat brush maybe some are better but no issues here.

Greg S.
Boar Brush-New Favorite

Boar bristles have a nice backbone. Loads a bit different than badger or faux. Have every expectation that with time the brush will break in nicely and the price point can’t be beat.

Robert D.
Good affordable brush.

Nice smaller brush. The price reflects that of course. The back bone is firm and yet the brush itself feels soft yet still exfoliates the hair and skin nicely. The handle is big enough and has plenty of grip. Lathering with this Boar brush is super easy and it also retained enough soap for two passes. I've used this brush about ten times sofar and have only lost one bristle.

Great Boar brush!

Usually Boar brushes need to be broken in since they feel pretty stiff on the face. Well not this one. I was very surprised at how well mannered this brush was compared to my Omega Boar brush. The Parker has a nice back bone while still being fairly soft yet still exfoliating. I'm sure with use it'll get better or maybe stay the same? I'll find out soon enough. I used this boar brush with the Parker shaving soap which is a hard soap. It was easy to build up a nice lather since this brush does a pretty good job of retaining water. I also don't use a shaving mug either. I just soak the brush in warm water for a minute or two and then shake the excess out and then start lightly scrubbing in the soap container and then transfer that to my face and build a lather there. I was able to get enough lather for two passes with this Boar brush. I usually have enough lather for four passes with my Badger brush, but that's the down side of Boar brushes. They don't hold water like a Badger brush so you won't have as much lather obviously. However the exfoliating scrubbing of a boat brush feels great on the skin! So for the price you can't go wrong. This brush also comes with a stand which is a nice plus. Definitely a good buy.

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