Parker SRB Shavette Razor with 7 Blades

Parker Safety Razor

$18.99 USD 

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Parker Folding Barbers Hinged Razor with Black Handles.
Designed for Professional and Home Use.
Will accept:
Any Standard Double Edge Blades (split in 1/2 to use)
Any Standard Half Blades sold here in packs of 100
Just drop in a blade, close the hinged blade-holder and Get Your Shave On!
NEW:This Parker Shavette Razor includes ONE each of the following half-blades:
  • Derby
  • Lord
  • Parker
  • Perma Sharp
  • Shark
  • Sharp
  • 7AM Plus

This enables you to Test-Shave different blades to see which suit you best!


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Brooks L.
Good but skill based

I cut myself a lot learning to use this shavette but after getting good it works great. Product feels good for the price and has a intuitive design.

Christopher C.
My friend's shavette

I simply love my experience using this product. It does exactly what I need it to do. Overrall, this product exceeded my expectations.

Warren A.
Great value and a great shave!

Public opinion is that a Shavette will not help you to become a SR user or vice-versa but I find them similar enough to go back an forth without issue - This Shavette does very well and the price is amazing for what you get! Great for travel, or great for those that don't want tho maintain a straight.

Excellent Value and a Great Shave!

I watched a few hours of YouTube and decided to try this Shavette and glad I did. I have used a straight a few times but don't want to invest the time in the maintenance of one so this looked like a tangible option - And it is!

Shaves VERY similar to my straight but actually gets closer, but along with that I am sure it can bite more easily if not careful. I had one small weeper is all on my chin with my first shave and this razor will definitely be in the line-up - And often!

Derick C.

Order was shipped and received quick no complaints there. I shaved last night with the prarkwe shavette and only nicked myself a few times and just barely with it for my first time shaving with a straight razor geofatboys videos are great. I did do a 3 pass shave my first time with it as I need to be clean cut for 24 hours will at work I definitely need more practice on my technique as I was a little shakey but good for learning and trying it before making a bigger investment on a nice razor and strop. I will def order from shave nation as long as prices stay comparable

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