Parker 74R Heavyweight Butterfly Safety Razor

Parker Safety Razor

$30.00 USD 

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*New Model for 2021*  The 74R Butterfly TTO-Twist To Open Safety Razor is crafted with a handsome finish and provides a luxuriously close and comfortable shave. It has an aggressive textured handle for grip, a nice heft and a wonderful balance. With its traditional butterfly twist-to-open design, changing blades is a snap, making it an excellent razor for new and experienced wet shavers!

  • Weight: 3.4oz-96g
  • Length: 4.2in-107mm
  • Handle Material: Genuine brass frame, chrome electroplated finish
  • Includes a 5 Pack of Parker DE Blades

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Tim R.

Excellent. Very satisfied. The best shave I have had in years. Diffently a statisfied customer fir life!

Just what I needed

I’ve been shaving with a Merkur barber pole DE razor for years and felt like I was cutting myself a little too much. I wanted to get something slightly less aggressive. I settled on this handle based on Geo’s recommendation and I’m very pleased. It feels considerably lighter in my hand and I feel is easy to navigate. Word to the wise; the provided Parker blades are junk and you can just throw them away. I found my Sharp Titanium’s and Feather blades worked extremely well with this setup.

Matt T.
74R, Great Razor

Received the razor and slapped in a Perma-Sharp blade, got a really close shave. I was super impressed with the razor and I’m glad I added it to my collection. It’s definitely going to be in my rotation for a long while. One more thing, SHAVE NATION IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST PLACE TO ORDER FROM!!! A43,43,

Juan Restrepo
My First Razor from Shave Nation

I'm new to the wet shaving world; only 4 months in. I started with a Merkur 34C and wanted to try something with a little more bite to it. After watching Geo's review of the Parker 74R on YouTube, I decided to give it a try as it is very well priced, it's a good looking razor, and I wanted to try a butterfly style razor. I ended up purchasing it in the rose gold finish and couldn't be happier. The 74R provides a very mild shave, just a notch above the 34C in aggressiveness for me. All my shaves have been very comfortable with this razor. A very welcome addition to the rotation.

Simply great

I bought 3 razors from Shave Nation on my 1st order. The Parker 74R is one of them. I heavy weight in the hand, I LOVE the feel of it. I have a Gillette butterfly (military style issue) my dad gave me, exactly like the one he was issued in WW2 in 1942. He lost his Navy issue razor in an Alaskan river in 1948 and bought this one in Anchorage a few days after loosing the issued Gillette. I got it from him in 1972. I grew up saving with that razor and it was the one I had all my ideas about wet shaving based on.

This Parker 74R actually beats it in every way. For a relatively inexpensive razor it's a long ways from being a cheap razor. Quality is excellent. A value that is hard to come by there days. If you buy one I am sure you'll not be sorry.

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