Omega Hi-Brush with Synthetic Bristles and Barber Pole Handle


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Omega Hi-Brush with Barber Pole Handle and Synthetic Bristles

The Omega Barber Pole shaving brush has a distinctive handle created in the style of a classic barbershop pole. The soft high tech synthetic fibers simulate badger hair and are gentle and luxurious on the skin. The specially developed animal friendly brush will effortlessly work up lather from your shaving cream of choice. 

HI-BRUSH (Badger effect) synthetic fibers are made of PBT, a thermoplastic semi-crystalline polyester. Both filaments are corrugated as to improve the performance of the brush in terms of holding and releasing the lather during the shave. Both filaments are chemically tapered to give a soft touch on the skin. 

This Hi-Brush fiber shaving brush is Vegan Friendly.

  • 24mm Knot
  • 59mm Loft
  • 53mm Handle Height
  • 112mm Overall Height

Made in Italy


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