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Taylor Old Bond Street

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Meet the NEWEST offering from Taylor of Old Bond Street! Opening with bright quince, before the spicy heart of rose and saffron add depth to the fragrance. Resting on a base of rich OUD and dry amber. 

Taylor of Old Bond Street's reputation for creating luxurious shaving cream is unsurpassed. A rich creamy lather that will soften the whiskers and prepare your face for that perfect shave!
This luxurious shaving cream provides an excellent Lubricating Cushion For Your Razor To Glide Across.

  • 5.3oz-150g Jar with Screw Cap
  • For All Skin Types 
  • Imported From England 
  • Premium Quality

*NOTE* Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Creams 150g jars use a hot pour method, are sold by weight, and the jars are not sealed. It is quite normal for the contents to shift, lean to one side, or have irregular cavities when you open them. Don’t be alarmed, TOBS ensures that this is completely normal. The creams will also vary in consistency from batch to batch. This should not be considered a flaw and does not affect the performance of the cream. "Lather up and Get Your Shave On!"


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sheldon H.

Very nice and a nice unique fragrance

Erik G.
OUD Shaving Cream

Love the new OUD shaving cream. Gives a smooth shave and the scent is very nice. Would buy again. Excellent service from Shave Nation.

Robert M.
It's TOBS, Need I Say More

From one of the finest shaving soap companies in the world, TOBS does it again with this amazing OUD Shaving Cream. Whether you face lather or bowl lather, you get a rich, creamy very lubricating lather for an excellent shave experience! I highly recommend OUD by TOBS to anyone who wet shaves, male or female!

Scott S.
Taylor of Old Bond Street OUD Shaving Cream

Nice, Like the new Taylor of Old Bond Street OUD Shaving Cream. Its a very good shaving cream, and has a nice scent..

T. Bain
Taylor of Old Bond Street OUD Shaving Cream

OUD shaving cream has a deep rich scent that starts out light with a floral top note since it contains "heart of rose." It also contains Quince, Saffron and Dry Amber too. It's noticeably bright, but with notes of spice and dry amber it maintains its balance as a masculine scent - but on the lighter side.
My favorite "TOBS" shaving cream is Sandalwood, but I will enjoy putting this one in rotation too.
A word of advice for those who like to use preshave, I recommend using one with a neutral scent since OUD shaving cream has a scent all of its own. I used Poraso Preshave Aloe and Vitamin-E Blue and it worked great.

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