Naniwa 5000 Grit Super Stone S1-450

Naniwa Super Stones

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Naniwa 5000 - 5K  grit Super Stone.
Naniwa Stones are resin bonded for fast cutting and ease.
Unlike other stones, the Naniwa Super Stone does not need to be soaked.
A simple splash of water over the surface of the stone will be sufficient.
The Naniwa Super Stones are able to handle any job, from repairing chips to touching up edges to their original sharpness.
Dimensions: 210mm X 70mm X 10mm

Made In Japan


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shave Nation has a great inventory

My review is specifically for the Naniwa stones I ordered and not a reflection of Shave Nation. Shave Nation has a lot of choices for wetstones that are not easy to source elsewhere. I have not used the stone often yet and it seems like it's good quality as items in this category typically are from Japan. However, my disappointment lies in the fact that none of the stones I ordered (5000, 8000, 12000) comes with a case. I ordered a Norton leveling stone and that came with a case, but the Naniwa did not. I don't feel like I should have to pay extra to protect such a nice stone, it's a miss on the manufacturer to me.

Clayton C.
Keep buying stones

This is the 2nd naniwa stone I've bought. They work great. Shave Nation's processing and shipping is incredible. Minimal wait on products ordered. Im still figuring this honing thing out, but my razor seems pretty sharp after I run it over the 5k followed by 8k and 12k. Straight razors are amazing. I love shaving with mine but I keep spending money on it. Always looking for my next fix and shave nation has alot to offer.

Ryan S.

It's helps get my Razer to the shaving edge that I need

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