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Myrsol is a cosmetics and perfumery company located in Spain. They make high quality shaving creams and aftershaves. This quality Myrsol lathering shave cream will lather up easily and start your morning off just right. The scents are sure to enliven your shave routine, making it anything but dull! Lather up with a shave brush for better exfoliating, moisturizing, and lubricating the skin for the perfect glide with your favorite razor and blade. Choose your preferred scent from the Drop Down Menu.

  • Blue: Intimate and refreshing aroma that reminds us of clean white cotton, Accompanied by subtle sweet touches.
  • Coconut and Mint: Fresh and tropical fragrance based on coconut and mint. Hydrates and tones the skin during shaving.
  • Don Carlos 1972: Floral, Sweet, Citric, Spiced, and Fresh. includes Lanolin.

150ml Jar with screw cap. Imported from Spain.

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