Muhle Synthetic Silvertip Brush with Rosegold Handle


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Muhle Synthetic Silvertip Brush with Rosegold Handle 
Combine this Stunning Synthetic Silvertip Rosegold brush with a matching Rosegold Safety Razor (sold here) R89RG, or R41RG whose design and proportions are in perfect harmony, producing an exceptionally beautiful coupe that make a good impression while traveling, or at home in your shaving quarters.

Silvertip Fibre - high-quality synthetic fibres, a world first: a premium quality developed in-house analogously to natural silvertip badger.
Silvertip Fibres are tangibly soft, extremely long-lasting and somewhat less sensitive in everyday use as water drips off them and they dry faster than natural hair.
The completely vegan fibres are more economically to use, create a particularly creamy lather from shaving soaps and creams but require only half of the amount of medium compared to natural brushes.
Their solid fibres make them more hygienic and easier to clean.

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Height: 100 mm
  • Loft: 46 mm
  • Base: 55 mm
  • Knot: 23 mm
  • Weight: 4.6oz-130g
  • Hair: Synthetic Badger
  • Brush Size: Medium


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