Muhle Rocca SilverTip Fibre® Shaving Brush


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ROCCA – Shaving brush from MÜHLE – silvertip Fibre®

Beautifully simple, yet particularly masculine: This is the new ROCCA range of products. A little more modern, and more distinctive than much of what is known from MÜHLE, they are made from the finest and most durable stainless steel. But it has been worth the effort: These products are particularly durable and robust. The satin or slightly matt finish not only feels good in your hand, but is also pleasing to the eye and creates an elegant effect.

Even with all of these new details, ROCCA’s heritage is still very evident. The design of this range is a further development of classic MÜHLE models; the name ROCCA (from the Italian for castle or fort) refers to the very best materials and also to the fact that a MÜHLE product will last a lifetime and beyond.

The Material – Stainless Steel

The surface structure of the black handle is a modern interpretation of the knurl on the handle of a classic safety razor. The honeycomb-like structure not only provides a contrasting accent to the satin-finished stainless steel, but is also very tactile, offering excellent grip.

The Brush head – Silvertip Fibre®

With this long-lasting synthetic fibre in premium quality we succeeded in achieving a world first and in proving that art is capable of surpassing nature. The particularly low-maintenance fibres, which are suitable for vegans, are processed by hand and very soft at the tips, but somewhat firmer than natural hair in the middle section. Other product features: Even with very small amounts of shaving soap or cream it produces a rich lather, and the brushes dry quickly after use.

Weight: 120g


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Dean H.
New type of synthetic

I have not been a fan of synthetic brushes. I have a Simpson synthetic that I never got used to. I had trouble betting a good lather and it felt way too soft and floppy. So the description of this new type of synthetic from Muhle was intriguing. Supposedly they made made a synthetic that had the properties of a badger brush. It would lather like a badger and have the resistance of one also. No floppy wet noodle brush.
Well, I have used this brush for several shaves now and I can say that Muhle has got something going here with the Rocca shaving brushes. It feels very much like a badger brush. It makes a good lather and spreads with a nice spring and resistance.

Mine was purchased with the solid black handle. It’s heavy and visually impressive. It’s also larger than the brush so it presents a very solid look.
I would recommend this for anyone looking for an alternative to a badger but still wants the characteristic of one.

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