MÜHLE Organic Body Lotion (Vegan)


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MÜHLE Organic Body Lotion (Vegan)

Argan oil is particularly rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids.
Its valuable active ingredients nourish and protect the skin.
With soya oil and shea butter to optimize the lipid balance and to support the skin s smoothness.
Aloe vera provides intensive protection against dryness and supports the elasticity and regeneration of the skin.
Bisabolol, the active ingredient of camomile, possesses anti-inflammatory properties and supports the healing process.
Rosemary extract and natural vitamin E protect the skin as antioxidants and radical scavengers.
Essential oils provide a fine, fresh fragrance.
The body lotion is vegan and contains no synthetic preservatives, aromatic substances or colourants.

To apply:
Put an adequate amount in your hands, rub lightly and apply to the whole body. Allow to act on the skin for a short while before getting dressed.
*250 ml 8.5 fl oz Sturdy plastic bottle with snap cap.
Imported from Germany.

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